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Rakeback FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about PlayersOnly Rakeback

Why play with rakeback?

You can turn this question the other way, why not play with rakeback? There is no reason at all why you should not have an account with rakeback at a poker room where it is available. At the same time as you are playing with rakeback you can still take part of all the other promotions that the site has to offer.

How do I know if my account is tracked for rakeback?

If you click our links or banners to get to the PlayerOnly Poker site when you create your account you should automatically get tracked for 35% rakeback. If you have any doubts whoever you can always contact us at and we will check and confirm that you are in fact set up to receive 35% rakeback at PlayersOnly Poker. Should there be any problems we will always be able to solve these with our contact at PlayersOnly Poker.

Where can I see how much rakeback I have earned?

Since the rakeback is handled by the poker room itself you will be able to follow how much rake you have generated and how much you are going to get in rakeback directly in the poker client. You do this by clicking “My Account” in the poker lobby and then you click the button called “Stats”. In there you will be able to see exactly how much rakeback you are going to get at the start of the next month.
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